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Wallpaper removal services are very important before painters move in to cover the walls with fresh coats of paint. However, there is a debate about whether painters or wallpaper removal professionals should be responsible for removing old wallpaper first. Wallpaper removal services take more time and effort than painters expect them to, which can cause delays and additional costs on both sides. It’s worthwhile to note that painters often fear that they will not be able to remove the wallpaper as well as it needs to be done so they might try too hard and damage your wall, rather than just carefully removing the wallpaper as painters would do. The easiest way out of this dilemma is to hire professional painters who offer extra services such as removing wallpaper at lower costs, such as Paint It Right Painting does. However, it is important to do your research and make sure painters come in with tools such as wallpaper steamer machines (tools painters use to remove wallpaper easier) and the right safety equipment. It should also be noted that most painters often charge by the hour, while wallpaper removal services often need to be paid for by project or total square footage depending on what service you’re purchasing. Call today for your free consultation!

Wallpaper removal in Ann Arbor

Benefits of Wallpaper Removal

Removing wallpaper is a tedious project that can take some effort to complete successfully. Unlike other projects, it’s difficult to know if you are getting the results you had envisioned until you start removing wallpaper. This is why outsourcing the removal of wallpaper to painters in Ann Arbor helps avoid headaches and time wasted. Tired of looking at your outdated wallpaper? Have you ever tried removing it only to find out how difficult it really is? If so, then give us a call today. We will do all the hard work involved in removing your wallpaper while delivering the look that was promised. No matter what you think of wallpaper, it is likely there has been a time when you have come home from work only to find one of your walls adorned with a floral print or colored geometric design. Sometimes wallpaper removal can be painless; other times, not so much. If the wallpaper peels off painlessly and easily after some warm water or steam action, then this may be an option for you to remove the paper yourself without hiring someone else. If however, bits of paper are already falling off your walls in large chunks because they no longer stick, perhaps it’s time for painters (and wallpaper removal services) to do their job. Painters (and wallpaper removal services) can fix your walls by removing the old paint and applying new coats. After they have made your walls look spiffy, painters can also help with any leftover bits of wallpaper pieces on your floors or in precariously high corners.

Removing Wallpaper

Many homeowners put off removing their own wallpaper because they fear the amount of work that is involved. Although it does take some effort and time to remove the delicate paper from the walls, it is not as difficult or daunting as many people think. This is why we recommend hiring a professional to handle this task if possible. However, we realize that there are times when renting an industrial steamer and attempting to complete such a feat at home is worth the risk. Even so, it is helpful to be informed about what can go wrong when removing your own wallpaper so you don’t find yourself calling up professionals when you could have easily done it yourself! The first step towards successful wallpaper removal is making sure the walls are as smooth as possible. If there is any texture, such as bumps or dents, they will be more difficult to remove and will likely leave a mark on your wall. Therefore be sure to check your walls before attempting the removal of wallpaper, and consider hiring someone who can do this for you if needed. Another inevitability of removing wallpaper at home is that there will undoubtedly be some dripping and spattering around the room. The adhesive that was used during installation stays wet after use, so it can seep through the paper over time.

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Wallpaper Removal

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