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Exterior paint and painting, in general, can be a very fun and rewarding experience with the help of some paint contractors. Paint It Right Painting has been in the industry for several years and is based in Ann Arbor, MI. We paint the exterior of homes and businesses with high-quality paint products to ensure long-term beauty and durability. Paint It Right Painting provides exterior painting services as well as free color consultations to help you paint your home the way you want it. Paint It Right Painting is a paint contractor that provides peace of mind painting services to customers. We paint houses quickly and efficiently with our professional painters who are highly trained and experienced. Exterior painting can be a great way to keep your home or business looking nice and new. When painting the exterior of an occupied building, you need to choose if you want painting professionals to do it for you or do it yourself. Paint It Right Painting contractors offer painting services that are comprehensive, thorough, efficient, and aesthetically consistent. We will bring the paint colors that we think would work best for your home, offer various types of painting services (such as wall painting), and clean up after ourselves when we’re done painting (and before we leave if the painting service is in progress) and make sure that there are no unpleasant smells left behind. Professional painting contractors know how to coat your exterior so that the paint lasts for years to come, protecting it from harsh weather conditions. We will maintain any shutters or carpentry, and get rid of all old flaking paint before painting over them. All you have to do is choose a color scheme from one of our professional painting services color catalogs or let us help you pick out a new set of colors by choosing a free consultation with a painting contractor near you.

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Benefits of Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is a cost-effective investment that makes your home more attractive and increases its value and visual impact. It also decreases energy costs and protects the materials beneath it from sun damage, water damage, and atmospheric pollution. Many people are surprised to learn how many benefits there are to exterior paint jobs. If you are considering paint for your exterior, there are many paint types and paint colors to choose from. The paint you choose will depend on the results you are looking for, your home’s architectural style, and the paint job techniques that will be required. All paint jobs start with surface preparation steps – cleaning it properly, removing any loose paint or peeling paint, repairing any damage or flaking paint, and filling in cracks. Once the surface is prepared, you will need to apply a paint primer before applying paint to create a uniform paint job that looks neat and professional. Apply paint carefully and evenly across all surfaces of your home for best results. Painting your exterior can do much more than just beautifying it – it can help protect it from weather and other elements and save energy costs as well. When painting an exterior paint job, choose a paint with superior coverage so you won’t have to paint very often.

Exterior Painting Ideas

Acrylic paint is a paint that can transform your home exterior into a beautiful work of art. There are many paint companies that specialize in acrylic paint and will help you to choose the paint type and color that would look best on your house. When using acrylic paint, it is important to take care when choosing colors. The paint not only has to be durable enough to resist weathering for several years but also needs to complement the architectural style of the particular house or building’s design. The most durable types of paint are oil-based paints with heavy pigments added since these last well over time. Do not use enamel paint because this type of paint becomes chalky after exposure to sunlight which detracts from the appearance of the paint. If you paint your home yourself, paint the trim first and then paint the sides of the house so that paint doesn’t splatter on to paint already applied. Also, if painting brick or stone, lightly sand and dust off before applying paint as this helps paint to adhere better. When taking measurements for exterior painting ideas always ask for help from a friend or family member since there is more than one person’s opinion considered when choosing colors and paint styles. And also keep in mind that it often takes several coats of paint to get exactly what you want, especially with acrylic paint which can be expensive

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