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Painting your home or business in Ann Arbor can be a daunting task. Not only must you consider color and style, but you also must think about the time of year you plan on painting, the type of paint as well as gathering the necessary equipment to get the job done right. That’s why it’s better to call in the painting professionals at Paint It Right Painting in Ann Arbor. We specialize in all types of home or business improvement projects. Everything from drywall repair to complete interior and exterior painting projects. We have several years of experience serving our community and pride ourselves on the service and the value that we provide our customers. Painting is no easy task, so why not call in the professionals? We offer free consultations and estimates. Don’t let your home or business be neglected, refresh the look with a fresh coat of paint from Paint It Right Painting. Call us today!

Paint it Right Painting working outdoors  painting house exterior in Ann Arbor, MI
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Trevor Hough
Trevor Hough
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Simply the best painting service you can find. We had extensive dry wall repairs we needed which meant dust along with lots of work. The repairs were perfect...and I mean perfect. Not only that - they were on time every day...communicating when they would show up. Further, they did everything they could to clean up the drywall dust and ensure my family didn't have loads of drywall particles forever in our house. You want the best painting company? You found it. I'll always use Paint It Right for any painting needs.
Tycel Phillips
Tycel Phillips
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Very responsive and flexible given concurrent work being gone on home prior to sale. Work was quality and job completed efficiently. Recommended to friends.
Sandy S
Sandy S
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Zach and his team did a great job. I needed my work done by the end of June and Zach made it happen. Zach had the best communication of any business we have had, that is one thing that's important to me. Thank You. I know who to call if I need more painting done Paint it Right.
Salon Revive
Salon Revive
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Zach and his team were AMAZING! They were super professional, quick and very friendly. They did a phenomenal painting job to our salon, which needed a ton of work. I would 1000% recommend their services.
Diane Mirvis
Diane Mirvis
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I looked for a painting company that could meet very specific requirements for best cost, high quality, covid precautions, and a team that could work around two dogs. Zach and his team did an outstanding job of coming in low cost and high quality in painting entire home. Meeting my timelines, he had a large team who worked quickly and quietly to finish the job half the time of competitors. They tackled the rooms in the order I needed to stay in home as they worked. A Plus from proposal to cleanup. Already booked them for my deck this summer. Thanks for a job well done with a polite and flexible hardworking team. Kudos Zach!
Patrick Dudash
Patrick Dudash
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Great job on blackout on my basement ceiling! Highly recommend! Fair price and took all the precautions to make the place safe for spaying a ceiling.
corey zwegers
corey zwegers
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Zach replaced some fascia on the 2nd floor of our house for a very reasonable price. He did it quickly with very good communication. I won't hesitate to hire him again for our next job.
Charlie Yingling
Charlie Yingling
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Paint it Right did a stellar job on our basement renovation. When the job started, we were just planning on taking out a 1970s dropped ceiling and painting the exposed ceiling black. But, quickly I realized Zach and his crew would be able to do the whole job for a fair price. So, we expanded the scope to include installation of a crown molding and painting the walls. From the start Zach was responsive, professional and never left me wondering what was happening next. He and his team were extremely friendly and considerate. Zach went over and above by serving as a project manager to coordinate with a carpenter to install the molding and do some work on the walls. At the conclusion of their work, my basement was spotlessly cleaned and every detail was done right. I highly recommend Paint it Right. We were delighted with the results of their work.

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Professional House Painting

House painting isn’t the same as housekeeping. The average kitchen paint job takes about four hours to complete (fewer if you’re an expert). House painters aren’t paid by the hour; they are paid by the square foot, which can cause problems if paint jobs go longer than expected.  Your home or business will not just be a place where you spend a lot of time, but you will also create many memories there. You want it to be inviting, comfortable, and stylish so pay attention to its look when choosing colors. However, all that glossy décor is hard to maintain when you use it room daily. That’s why you need professional painters to help you with selecting and putting on the paint. In all places, paint colors have a tendency to get splattered onto surfaces where they aren’t wanted. In humid places like bathrooms or kitchens, paint colors tend to get chipped more easily due to moisture and the frequent use of the space. We Take good care of your home or business by using paints with sealants or waxes.

Painting Company in Ann Arbor

Paint It Right Painting in Ann Arbor has been helping homeowners and businesses get the new look that they’ve wanted for several years. We understand that changing the color of a room can give it an entirely new feel. It’s almost as if you’ve got a brand-new building again! So whether you’re looking for a whole-house repaint or simply need to have a single room done, we’d love to help you along the way. Just leave it to us there at Paint It Right Painting in Ann Arbor! We will do the work quickly and efficiently so that you can rest assured that your home or business will be looking beautiful once again. So the next time you’re looking for a new paint color or even want to get rid of the old and pesky paint stains, don’t hesitate to call the best in Ann Arbor.

Paint it Right painter in Ann Arbor

As painting companies offer their painting services, many people are confused about what painting style to use. They may not know the painting styles they need for the interior and exterior painting of any house. However, painting companies which one is best. The exterior painting or interior painting is done by professional painters who know how to use tools and different paint materials properly. if you are planning for painting your house walls then you need to hire a professional painting company.

The best interior painting service can make even the most boring, drab, and just plain ugly room look amazing. Give your home a facelift with skilled painters! Commercial Painting Commercial painting companies will put together a plan that works well for you and your business, including any needs or demands that you might have such as colors, types of paint, dry time, etc. Commercial painting companies are trained to work around your schedule and finish the job in a timely manner.

Painting is one of the most inexpensive services that can be made use of to improve your home. It is a good way of covering up the blemishes and damages on the walls of your property. It can also be used to change or give a different look to the property. By using color to your advantage, you can change the entire look and feel of not just your house or building, but also the entire feeling of the property. Paint it right Ann Arbor has been offering expert services in painting for decades since it was launched.

The majority of people who hire a painter do so for the purpose of improving the look and feel of their businesses. Whether you want to make your office space appear brighter, more spacious, or just want to give it a new coat of paint for aesthetic reasons, hiring a painter can have so many benefits. Paint has been used to add decoration to businesses since the beginning of time, and it is a very economical way of transforming almost any space. Upgrade your business and call today!

Residential properties in Ann Arbor benefit tremendously from a fresh coat of paint, both inside and out. If you are looking to rent or sell your property, or even just give your current paint a facelift, then we can help you improve both the look and value of your home. Our expert painters have decades of combined experience and understand how to navigate a job quickly and efficiently. Trust the pros to bring the vibrance back to your home by reaching out and contacting Paint it Right painting today!

Kitchen cabinet painting is a great home improvement project and the benefits can be felt throughout your house. Since kitchen cabinets are such important pieces in your home, painting them will give your home a fresh new look as well as make the rooms feel more open. Kitchen cabinet painting is not difficult and does not have to be expensive. Some people are nervous about painting their cabinets because they think it will cost a lot of money or take too much time.

Deck refinishing service ann arbor is beneficial for the appearance of your deck. A deck can last a long time without any need to do any maintenance or repairs if you take care of it properly. The best way to keep your deck looking great is by refinishing it with paint on a regular basis. Over time all decks begin to deteriorate no matter how good the maintenance on them is performed. Give us a call for a free consultation on your deck.

Paint it Right Ann Arbor Fence Painting is a profession in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We use top-quality paint to make your fence look new again.  We also offer several types of fence painting services in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We at Paint it Right Ann Arbor Fence Painting are the best Fences can take quite a beating from weather and time if not maintained properly. Contact us today to learn more about painting your fence.

If you are the owner of a now drywall-less wall, you may be blindly knocking on doors, hoping to find someone with the drywall repair skills that will actually result in your walls looking good as new. You can stop searching; Paint it right is an Ann Arbor drywall contractor that specializes in making drywalls look new again. If your drywall has been exposed to water or any other type of damage, contact us today!

A lot of people are not really aware of how to properly remove wallpaper right.  This can be a problem because you don’t want the next thing that goes up on your walls ruined by old wallpaper adhesive. There are several ways to remove wallpaper but some are quite labor-intensive. Make sure you have the correct professional when it comes to removing wallpaper in preparation for paint. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

Paint it Right Deck Carpentry Service is the company of an expert carpenter who can help you with your deck problems. Carpenters are knowledgeable in every step when it comes to building any wooden structure, including decks. Painting or staining Isard An expert carpenter can help you to construct or rebuild your wooden construction by making them right when it comes to laying the wood, nailing, and staining. Carpenters do not only construct buildings but also create partitions in houses.

Painting Crown Molding? Paint it Right has you covered. Whether you are remodeling your home and need custom trim and crown molding pieces painted, or you are simply performing maintenance, Paint It Right Painting is equipped to handle the job. From caulking to painting and installation, we are your one-stop-shop for all crown molding and trim needs. Don’t let your home fall victim to the crazy Michigan climate with all the heating and cooling that goes on. Call us today to learn more about trim options for your home.

Benefits of Painting Your Home

If you are like most people, keeping up with house painting is not on your agenda. Every house in America has to be painted at one time or another; it’s just an inevitable fact of life that they need it done. The only question is when will the house painting be done? If you wait too long, the value of your home could take a significant impact and you might wind up spending more to strip and start fresh. If you notice that your house is starting to develop unattractive colors due to paint fading and peeling, then house painting should become a priority. Maintaining the look of your home does more than just help increase value, it also creates a more inviting and comfortable space. Painting certain colors in certain rooms can provide a totally different mood. You can make the room feel cool or warm, or large or small. You can even add designs and other details to walls to change the look and feel of a room. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

Paint it Right Painting completing an exterior house painting project in Ann Arbor, MI
Paint it Right Painting exterior of Blue Heron Bay in Ann Arbor, MI

Professional Commercial Painter

Professional commercial painters can do wonders for your building, whether you’re planning on putting it up for sale or just want to make the exterior look better. A commercial painter is a professional who specializes in painting large spaces for businesses. Some are skilled in interior work as well, but most specialize in exteriors. It is more difficult to paint the exterior of a business than the inside in most cases due to the overall size of the surface. A commercial painter needs to be skilled in painting vertical surfaces like exterior walls as well as large horizontal areas like rooflines. Commercial painters also need to know how to paint different sidings, such as different types of stucco, wood, and tin. They need to know which paints work best on certain surfaces. A commercial painter needs to know how weather affects the paint you put on the outside of a building. Professional commercial painters can charge by square foot generally.  Most painters will offer free quotes for commercial painting jobs. Don’t be afraid to ask about what exactly is included in the quote and how they intend to complete the project.

Preparing for Paint

With the warmer weather just around the corner, homeowners across Michigan will soon be thinking about opening windows and allowing fresh air to flow through their homes. This means painting projects and house repairs will also begin popping up on home improvement lists everywhere. One of the most important steps in preparing your property for a paint project is making sure all necessary safety measures are taken to protect everyone involved; this includes looking into hiring professional painters in Ann Arbor. It might seem like a good idea to save some money by doing it yourself, but many people end up paying more when they get injured or damage their homes – not exactly an ideal savings plan. The next step is choosing the right paint color while something bold and vibrant is a good choice for the spring/summer months it is important to stick with lighter colors that are easy to maintain. This means no reds, oranges, blues, or hot pinks in your bathroom or bedrooms – stick with whites and light grays instead. And when you take into consideration the cost of hiring painters in Ann Arbor who are insured, it’s worth the extra bucks to ensure your investment is safe. Give us a call today for your free color consultation.

Our Paint

We use only the highest quality paint for the correct application. Our professional painters will sit down and discuss not just color, but composition as well. Every project has an ideal paint application. Whether your goal is resilience, beauty, energy savings or cost, we can recommend the exact right paint for your project. Rest assured that Paint It Right Painting possesses not just the experience, but the knowledge you are looking for when it comes to your project. For several years, our paint service has been delivering outstanding results and satisfied customers. It is no mystery that Ann Arbor has a huge amount of construction, maintenance, and restoration projects. It only makes sense that you would want to deal with Ann Arbor’s number one painting contractor. With us it doesn’t matter what kind of project you have at hand, we will be able to satisfy your needs. We provide high-quality painting services that you can rely on. We pride ourselves in providing superior results every time on every project we take on. Whether it is commercial or residential, large or small, residents of Ann Arbor can count on our more than capable hands for excellent results! If you are looking for painters in Ann Arbor, look no further.

Cabinet Repainting Ann Arbor

If you need your cabinets repainted or repaired we can help. Whether it is a matter of repainting the kitchen cabinets and getting them looking like new again or fixing doors and drawers that no longer open and close correctly, let our team take care of the job. Our cabinet painting services are thorough so you will have peace of mind knowing that your kitchen cabinets look great! We offer a white glaze service that makes paint adhere to all surfaces including inside cabinets and drawers.  We also do color glazing which allows homeowners to change their cabinet colors without having to strip off the old paint first. Refitting hinges is one of the many things we also do. If your cabinet doors no longer close properly it may be time for a hinge adjustment.  We can make sure that the doors and drawers close and open correctly and that they stay in place.

Ann Arbor painter and painting contractor Paint it Right

Drywall Contractors in Ann Arbor

It is no secret that the construction business can be very lucrative. However, there are many pitfalls and risks involved as well. A good drywall contractor benefits from many avenues of generating income. First of all, a contractor must have more than just drywall contracting skills to succeed in the industry. He or she must have construction expertise, design abilities, and the capability to supervise a construction project from start to finish. In addition, drywall contractors should have a network of contacts with other tradesmen such as electricians, framers, roofers, etc. This will help them carry out their projects more efficiently and speedily. This not only benefits the drywall contractor but also his or her contacts who are happy that they have found someone capable of doing the job especially when it is not in their area of expertise. A drywall contractor’s reputation is another source of income. It is common knowledge that a contractor’s reputation speaks volumes about the quality of his or her service delivery. A good reputation can be very beneficial when it comes to getting projects that may have been turned down by other contractors.

Deck Restoration Services

Are your wood decks looking lackluster? Have you noticed cracks and wear on them? If so, it may be time to restore your deck before any further damage occurs. Paint It Right Painting offers residents in and around Ann Arbor deck restoration services. Over time, decks will start to wear out and they will need to be restored. There are all kinds of elements that can make your deck require restoration. In Michigan, the big one is snow. Over time, heating and expansion of your deck can create small cracks in the finish. This allows moisture to penetrate into the wood and mold to grow. This breaks down the wood faster and causes all kinds of issues. The other issue is UV rays. It gets nice and sunny outside in winter. There are plenty of finishes out there that don’t protect your deck from harmful UV rays. UV rays breakdown finishes over time which exposes the wood directly to the elements. When this happens, the wood breaks down much faster and can need replacement faster than if it were correctly protected and sealed. Give Paint It Right Painting a call today to get your free consultation today. We specialize in deck restoration as well as repair and refinishing.

Professional Carpentry Services

Carpenters are essential for any home.  Their services are needed to make even the most basic renovations, adding value and convenience to homes across the country.  The right carpenter can help you with large projects like building an addition or small projects like refinishing your bedrooms. also lay down floors and install doors, cabinets, stairs, and railings, offering valuable insight on which materials will be most beneficial to homeowners. Not only work in residential homes but in commercial locations as well. They build restaurants, schools, office buildings, and more. He must have a strong knowledge of construction codes, power tools, and mathematics in order to do their job effectively so it is important that they stay ahead of the curve by receiving up-to-date training on the newest materials and construction standards. Carpenters working in the residential fields are more likely to specialize in their work rather than carpenters that work on commercial sites where there is a higher demand for general carpentry skills.  However, some carpenters do both depending on which they find more interesting.


Painting Company

Professional painters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.