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Crown Molding Painting Services

Crown molding provides a finishing touch to any home. This decorative trim is used to accentuate the space above doorways or windows by using butt joints, miter cuts, and compound angles when corners are too sharp for normal crown molding installation. Trim work adds architectural definition that plays an integral role in defining your house both inside and out. Installing high-quality crown molding can add value to your home, especially when it’s done correctly. Once you decide on installing crown molding in your home, you’ll need someone to create the angle cuts necessary for getting the perfect finish line around walls and ceilings in every room of your house. There are numerous reasons why hiring a professional service is advisable over attempting this carpentry project yourself. First, crown molding requires a steady hand to create the angles needed for good results. Even if you have personally installed other types of molding before, professional services can provide a higher level of workmanship that goes beyond individual artistic taste and house design. Second, it’s important to choose a service that uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship for lasting results. Most homeowners go with standard 4-foot designs made from plaster or wood core. Installing quality crown molding at corners takes practice and knowledge about how best to fit together different elements correctly so you get the look you want without gaps in the seams between pieces where dust settles over time.

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Trim Painting Services

Our interior and exterior trim painting services not only improve your curb appeal, but they also follow the same detailed steps all our painting services do: First, we take the necessary steps to protect landscapes and hardscapes from ladders, and foot traffic, and dripping paint. Then, we prep the area by removing old paint and power washing the wood. After that is complete it’s time for priming followed by a color coat of your choice! We can paint a variety of trim materials on your home with just about any type of paint. Our color matching tools help us match any existing colors. Looking for a specific color? Our color consultation services will help you find that perfect shad paint a variety of trim materials on your home with just about any type of paint. We can even do those smaller projects like cabinet doors, furniture pieces, or railings! We are experienced in painting siding, soffit, fascia board, shutters, front porches, garage doors, and more! Please reach out to Paint It Right Painting today for all your interior and exterior trim painting needs in the Ann Arbor area! We provide free estimates. Call us now!

Benefits of Painting Crown Molding and Trim

Crown molding and trim, especially in older homes, can be a haven for blemishes like paint drips and gaps. Cracks between wall and ceiling are also things of the past when you place crown molding around your room’s perimeter. The benefits of painting crown molding and trim go beyond aesthetics; it gives you an instant upgrade to whatever room it adorns. It shields cracks from sight while adding a touch of design. Hiring someone to do the work can get pricey, but if done correctly, the results will be well worth the effort and cost. If you choose to take on this task, however, there are some tips that you should follow first to ensure a successful finished product. In addition to paint, masking tape and a putty knife are some tools that you’ll want to have with you as well. Be sure that all surfaces are protected from spilling or splattering before applying paint. Draping a sheet over any area below will prevent a mess on floors and carpets alike. The same goes for surrounding furniture near where you’ll be painting. Give the professionals a call today so you don’t need to worry!

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