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In an effort to keep our community safe and healthy, we wanted to inform you of a virus that is currently impacting our community. This is a terrifying time for us all and Paint it Right wants to do everything to make sure everyone stays safe and sound.

Our team has been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) with two main goals: keeping all of our customers informed about what we can do as a company to help secure their health right now and supporting our employees safe from this potential pandemic.

In order to accomplish these goals, we have listened carefully to the recommendations set forth by the U.S. Federal Government,

● Keep 6 feet away from each other

● Clean frequently touched surfaces at home, work, or school.

● Clean your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom or changing a diaper.

● Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue then throw it in the trash.

● Stay home when you’re sick. This prevents others from catching the disease too

We owe the success of our company to those we serve, and it is our pleasure to meet your painting needs. We guarantee satisfaction with every painting project we undertake!

Our house painters always do their best as they paint because quality is our priority. Our clients are always surprised at how quickly their houses are painted correctly with the least amount of disruption possible. Because this is what you can expect from us, many people have turned to us for their home’s exterior & interior painting needs over the years. As a result, we have developed an outstanding reputation among homeowners who need their homes to be painted well, quickly, and reliably at very affordable prices.

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Zach has a Business Degree from Washtenaw Community College with further education in construction. A former basketball player since very young, he developed a passion for construction when working with his father, a general contractor. Zach worked at a painting company for 2 years as a manager before breaking off to do his own thing. 


“Hey, I’m KD. I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and I came out here a few years ago looking for something new. Before coming out here, I did work on Smart Houses and helped on a house for Habitat for Humanity. In my free time, I like playing basketball, and  writing and making music”


Adam was born and raised in California and moved to Michigan shortly after graduating from Malibu High School. He studied business at Eastern Michigan University and quickly took up painting and working in his free time while going to school.  Eventually, he started painting with Paint It Right Painting and is now a sales specialist with us. He has a passion for business and doing things the right way, he’s hard-working, motivated, driven, and on track to being a successful entrepreneur.