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Painting can transform an entire room, and give it a new feel and look. Whether painting the inside of your home or the outside of your business, there are many different services painters in Ann Arbor, Michigan can provide. There are two main types of painter services that you may need: residential painting and commercial painting. If you’re looking for painters to paint your house, they can provide both interior and exterior painting services. These services include filling holes in the walls left from hanging pictures or removing marks on walls where furniture has stood. Some common types of paints include latex paint, acrylic paint, oil-based paint, eggshell finish, satin finish, flat finish, etc. Before hiring any painter, be sure to do your due diligence to ensure they can handle the job professionally.

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    Painting services in Ann Arbor

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    There are many types of painting services for both exterior and interior surfaces. The most common painter service is painting the building’s exteriors such as façades, garages, fences, and outdoor lighting. Painting commercial buildings also include pressure washing dirty or dusty masonry surfaces before painting them with a suitable primer followed by topcoat paints appropriate to use outside. There may be the need to repair the brickwork first before applying coats of new paint and some touch-up work around windows, doors, and cornices. Interior painter services include wallpapering, wallpapering walls/ceilings/trim, etc., repairing cracks or holes in drywall ceiling tiles, and touching up areas on walls/doors/windows where marks were made while furniture was being.

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    Painters in Ann Arbor, Michigan can provide a variety of services to customers. Painters in Ann Arbor range from working on small residential homes and painting rooms to painting commercial establishments such as restaurants and grocery stores. Some painters even specialize in whole house painting which involves the exterior of houses, such as applying paint to roofs, wood siding, or brickwork. Painting is an easy way for homeowners and business owners to give their property a new look at a relatively low cost. There is no time like the present if you are thinking about hiring painters in Ann Arbor because pricing is sure to go up as raw material shortages grow. Painters in Ann Arbor use different types of equipment depending on the size of the job they are doing. Smaller jobs are often performed with paintbrushes, but for larger jobs, painters use large commercial painting equipment, such as pressure washers and scaffoldings. Painters in Ann Arbor also offer custom paint jobs that can be used to give customers exactly what they are looking for. Some examples of these are faux finishes which are used to replicate expensive painting techniques by using different layers of drywall mud or plaster. These techniques involve the painter carefully applying paints to selected areas to enhance particular aspects of the room’s design. This is a delicate process but one that painters in Ann Arbor specialize in. When hiring a painter, make sure you hire reputable contractors who have the necessary insurance coverage because not all painters have the same level of professionalism and some might leave your property looking rough.

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