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Homeowners should think about protecting their fences. With lumber prices on the rise, investments to prolong the life of your fence can end up saving you thousands in the long run. Oil-based paint provides excellent paint coverage but can deteriorate faster than latex paint. Latex paint offers better surface adhesion and has lower paint film shrinkage than oil paint. Oil paint offers the best paint coverage and stain protection on wood surfaces, but it’s more expensive and doesn’t offer as many color selections as latex paint. Try to find a paint that will adhere well to the fence surface, cover evenly, protect against UV light damage, dry quickly, and last for several years. A paint with an additive like acrylic latex paint is the best option because it provides excellent paint coverage, dries quickly, and is easy to touch up. Acrylic paint also has a lower paint film shrinkage than oil paint, too.

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Having a wooden fence can be a great addition to your property and present you with many benefits. There are also some disadvantages that come along with having a fence. One of the main problems is how fast it will wear down over time if nothing is done to protect it. When paint begins to chip off, this means that the wood underneath is starting to take the brunt of the elements. You can paint your fence often, but if you want it to last longer then paint might not be enough. That’s why so many homeowners all over are turning to fence staining services for help keeping their fence looking great for years. You may need to paint your fence every few years, but fence staining services can keep your fence looking great for much longer. With these services, paint is applied to the wood in a way that it will penetrate deep and seal the wood from all sides. This gives you a much longer-lasting paint job. This means that when the paint begins to chip off your fence, it won’t be the paint that you need to worry about. It will actually be the wood itself that needs attention because the paint is protecting it from harmful elements. Although paint can keep a fence looking beautiful for quite a while, it’s best to get in touch with one of our professionals when paint no longer does its

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Fences are an investment. Whether it’s a fence for a business or a fence for a home, paint can help protect that investment and keep the fence looking good over time. Fence painting will prolong the life of your fence and save money that would have been spent on replacement or repairs to damage from weathering, insects, stains from mold and mildew as well as rust. Even if you already own a working fence but aren’t completely satisfied with its appearance, there is no reason not to invest in some new paint to give it a fresh look. With Paint It Right Painting’s professional contractors, painting your fence has never been easier. A fence is an important part of your property. It provides security and privacy for both you and your family as well as, in the case of a business, security for your customers and employees. It can also add to the aesthetics or value of your home or business. A fence that looks great also projects the image that you want to project to others; pride in your property and in your personal appearance. But even though a fence is durable and lasts for years, it will need some maintenance and repair over time. Even if there isn’t any damage to the fence itself, many people don’t like how their old, weathered-looking fence looks on their property so paint is often used just to enhance its appearance.

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