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When it comes to residential painting in Ann Arbor, Michigan, nobody does a better job than Paint It Right Painting. Whether you intend to paint the inside or outside of your home, we are equipped to handle your project. Our professional painters specialize in providing customers with satisfaction-guaranteed results for their painting projects. With Paint It Right Painting, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and on budget. Contrary to what some painters in Ann Arbor may tell you, painting your home is no easy task, and can result in an unprofessional-looking home if not done properly. This is why it’s important to hire professionals with years of experience. While other painters will simply try to get your money, our residential painters are fully committed to earning your business by providing you top quality residential painting services.

Paint it Right residential painting and repairs in Ann Arbor
Paint it Right residential painting in Ann Arbor

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Hiring a good painting company can be difficult and frustrating. With so many other jobs out there and different companies that offer their services, you will want to make sure you check them out first before hiring one. To find a business you can trust it is best to start with an interview process. They should be happy to sit down for a few minutes with you and answer your questions. Some things they should be able to tell you are the techniques that are used, how long they have been in business, what training they have had if they are insured or not, what kind of customers they serve, and an estimate on how much it will cost for them to complete the job. A good painting company should be able to specifically tell you which techniques they are going to use and why. They also need to have references of people who have had work done by them before that you can call if needed. If they are not willing to answer your questions then there is a high chance they are hiding something from you.

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Painting is an easy way to improve the appearance of your home without having to do any real construction. A fresh coat can update a dingy room- or it can completely change the look of an entire house. Ann Arbor homeowners trust Paint It Right Painting, where we take pride in offering superior painting services that are affordable. Homeowners rely on our experts, with years of experience working on homes across Michigan. Painting is something that just about everyone deals with at some point. Whether you are painting a room, painting a project, or painting a fence each one requires different types of paint and painting techniques. For example, painting an interior room would require the use of regular house paint which can be purchased at any hardware store. Painting an exterior house may require the use of primer first to ensure that your second coat sticks to the wall properly. Many people choose to hire painters for this job because it not only saves them time but it ensures that the painting will last for several years without creating chips or peeling away from the wall. Priming is a painting technique that involves applying a coat of paint on top of another painting so that it can adhere to the surface more readily. Painters use primer on wood, metal, and some types of masonry because these surfaces are porous and cannot hold paint as well as other surfaces. Many exterior painters only use one type of painting for both the primer and final coats but any interior painting should be done with two separate styles of painting. There are several different types of paint that you can choose from when painting your home depending on how long you want it to last. For indoor jobs such as drywall, painters suggest using low-luster paints which tend to last longer than high-luster paints. Low-luster paints are matte in appearance while high-luster paints have a shine to them.

Paint it Right residential painting in Ann Arbor

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Residential painting in Ann Arbor, Michigan.