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Deck Refinishing Services

When it comes to protecting your outdoor living space from the elements, a reliable deck staining service can do a lot. Contractors at Paint It Right Painting offer many different services for decks. You can choose from a variety of colors in different finishes for the perfect aesthetic that matches your personal tastes and preferences. Many homeowners choose a solid stain rather than a clear sealant, which provides better protection from weather damage. However, if you want to add color without changing the original wood tone, many contractors offer transparent stains as well. In addition to allowing you to change up the look of your outdoor living space, an annual staining service helps ensure your deck stays protected against severe weather elements.

deck refinishing in Ann Arbor

When to Refinish Your Deck

Finishing a deck after years of weather damage is important for the sake of aesthetics and to make sure your deck can handle another season. Deck repair service providers in Ann Arbor offer various levels of refinishing, including power washing with an oil-based wood bleach solution, which prevents mold or mildew from growing on the deck’s surface. Deck refinishing also helps bring back the luster and color of faded wood without stripping away its protection through power washing. Deck cleaning begins with pressure washing siding boards with water mixed with an oil-soluble wood bleach solution. This process penetrates deep into cracks between boards, killing any mildew or mold that might be present. Mild soap follows to reduce friction between boards so they don’t stick together when it rains. Deck refinishing services include staining with an oil-based stain and sealant to restore the wood’s natural color and increased water resistance. Deck staining with water-based, clear coat finishes also allows for more flexibility when it comes time to choose a new color. Deck restoration services in Ann Arbor usually include sanding down any rough patches in the boards and filling holes and cracks in the wood so they don’t collect dirt and debris. When it comes to deck services in Ann Arbor, call Paint It Right Painting.

Benefits of Refinishing Your Deck

Refinishing your wood deck is not just an aesthetic improvement but also a safety improvement. Staining wood brings out the natural beauty of its texture and grain. Staining your deck also protects it against moisture, mildew, rot, and UV rays. Deck stains can come in solid or semi-transparent shades that can create any color you desire. Refinishing a deck is more cost-effective than replacing it. When you have only part of your deck stained, other parts remain exposed to sun damage. Over time this could cause more problems for other areas of your deck as well as the freshly re-stained sections. Cracks are apparent on unfinished decks because they are lighter than the rest of the wood stain. If something is wrong with the surface or sub-floor of your deck, a repair may not stick properly. If you have pets, children, or any other reason for frequently cleaning off your deck, the color from stained wood tends to hold up better through rain and spills than an unfinished deck which can get dirty quickly. In areas where the finish has worn away from weather damage or impact, stains will protect your deck’s structural integrity by reinforcing it with one coat instead of many.

Benefits of refinishing your deck in Ann Arbor

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